miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Fuck you, my little hippie stupid sunshine.


(I don't know what kind of social experiment i'm doing right now.)

I met him at this weird party,
I don’t remember much about that night,
I saw him and I liked him,
maybe he has some tattoos, maybe not.
He was with those friends and
they weren’t like him
I danced, he laughed
talk about things that I can’t remember,
he has this beard, not long not short.
walked away, took a cab,
in the morning my sheets smelled like him.

The next days I thought about him
so I texted him
and discovered
this theory:
underneath the wool
there’s always a fucked up person hidding.

Then, at this party full of guys like him
I saw him, went back home alone and drunk
he called me on the phone
and said he was near to my house
but didn’t remember exactly how to get there,
so i told him,
and he came, slept, and we fucked.
Talked a lot about everything
and I’ve thinking
that maybe he’s my next best friend
maybe I said to my friends that
I was going to take it easy this time
but every fucking one knows that it was a lie,
I would never be able to take easy anything.